5 Herbs (you probably  have) that will have a drastic impact on your health. | Hyaluxe Body

Where do we use them? First, we have to say we only use our favorites (although we absolutely love garlic - it doesn't tend to work to well for body care for obvious reasons!).

Lemon balm, ginger, chamomile and peppermint; however....


Lemon Balm and Ginger root: We use both organic lemon balm and ginger root in our Topical Herbal Magnesium Therapy bundles (all of them!) See here


Chamomile: We use wild harvested chamomile in our chamomile infused Magnesium herbal therapy bundle. 

Peppermint: We use peppermint in our peppermint dead sea salt body scrub.


You can shop all of our magnesium herbal therapy here. We have the ingredients and benefits for each on our home page in case you ever need some help when you're shopping looking for some fantastic body goodness! We are so grateful you're here with us - Enjoy!


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