5 Ways to Increase Energy | Hyaluxe Body

Put down that energy shot! There's no need to chug crazy canned concoctions or buckets of coffee to get through the day without a 3 p.m. slump. Here are several things to do to get your energy going!

1. Work out midday.

When that mid-afternoon urge to doze rolls around, hit the gym instead of the sack. Studies suggest working out can actually increase productivity enough to counteract that time away from the office.

2. Go outside.

Head into the great outdoors—even if some woods aren't nearby, a green park will do. Just 20 minutes outdoors is enough to feel more alive.

3. Drink some joe.

We can say from experience six back-to-back cups of coffee is a recipe for instant crash-mode. But onecup is usually just right. One study found that a single cup of coffee was enough to keep sleepy drivers on a long haul more alert at the wheel.

4. Eat regularly.

The body needs fuel (a.k.a. food) to function, and without it our energy and mood can spiral downward. However regular, healthy meals and snacks can improve cognitive function. But keep in mind not getting enough sleepcan also cause us to eat when we're not actually hungry, so check in with that stomach before munching down.

5. Stretch it out.

Just a few  desk stretches may be enough, but studies have suggested a little yoga could fight depression and anxiety or other stress-related disorders.

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