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Above we put in three potential solutions for you to try at home that can be ordered online. The pine bark and chamomile are specifically to address the growth of endometriosis cells themselves while the magnesium functions in various ways to help with endometrial cells, symptoms and potential causes.
As for the connection between leaky gut and endometriosis: Chronic stress, food sensitivities/ allergies, bacterial infections, parasites, viral infections, antibiotics, and some drugs (including NSAIDs and hormonal birth control) can cause a breakdown of your gut’s integrity at the cellular level. 
This is how food sensitivities develop and is at the heart of autoimmune disease.
It's concerning that the pill is one of the main treatments for women with endometriosis when it has the ability to cause leaky gut and reduce microbial diversity. These two things alone can drive estrogen dominance and autoimmunity. (DrBrighten- causes-endometriosis)

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