A few reasons to love Your Herbal Hour (wrap)

Not every client wants to lose weight. We pride ourselves on providing products that yes, they help with your outward appearance but more importantly they are healing and rejuvenating from the outside in. So many of our clients (as in the case above) use our Herbal Hour Glass,  often monthly to help regulate their digestive system and get rid of any bloating they may have whether that is from food consumption or menstrual cycle. -

Our products are designed for the woman's body. Over everything, you and your body come first. We are here to serve you better than any other company can or has and we are grateful always for that opportunity 😊🍃

To read more about You Herbal Hour go to our home page and scroll down... there you will find all of the ingredients.. why we chose them.. and how Your Herbal Hour WILL benefit you!


Happy Friday!