Reduce baggy circles and get better sleep? Here is how with these 3 ingredients... | Hyaluxe Body

3 of the most commonly used and researched essential oils used to treat puffy eye circles and dark under-eyes are the three you will find below. We use all 3 in our Illumineye serum and Golden organic Jojoba oil for our carrier. It is incredibly effective as you can see in the following slides. Tap the link in our bio and go to 'serums' to read more about the ingredients (and others) like these. As always you can purchase ours or DIY the way you want at home given the info we provide that allows you to make the best choices for your skin.



You can tap here to see the ingredients we have in our Illumineye Puffy Eye Serum 

there you can also see feedback from women that have used the ingredients above. You can purchase ours or make a modified version at home. ENJOY LADIES - and Thank you for choosing to #treatyourbodydifferently 

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