The lost mineral - This simple ingredient does so much more than you think... | Hyaluxe Body


Our discovery of the importance of magnesium happened almost by chance. When we designed the Topical Magnesium Wrap, we had originally designed it with the primary purpose of simply making women feel better when they used it (hence the Epsom salts). We were continuously taken by surprise as the number of women using it increased drastically and the feedback became more about life changing health as opposed to just having happier muscles and a flat belly. We hope you got something out of this read - if you do not want to buy from us, go find an integrative doctor or a magnesium specialist who can help you pick something out to accommodate your health in the best possible way.


We are here to help, to be a resource for guiding women everywhere in the right direction for a happier, healthier body and minds.


Thank you ladies! 



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