what you can do while you wear your wrap... - Hyaluxe Body
what you can do while you wear your wrap...

We have a lot of questions about our herbal tea wrap. One main question we tend to get is what can I do during the hour I have the wrap on. The answer? Anything you want that doesn't have to do with water obviously. One of my favorite things to do is apply the wrap and then go for a run. While running or doing whatever you choose to do while you wear the wrap you will start to feel the lovely benefits of the all natural ingredients it has to offer your body :) Many people say they feel lighter and less bloated after just one use. Our wrap is not meant for weight loss.. although we do have clients who say they firmly believe it helped to speed up their weight loss process. We want to offer women an hour to themselves to feel like they are doing something amazing for their whole body.. so that is why we created the wrap and many other products that give you a spa like feel right in the comfort of your own home. The wrap is what you make it. Relax with it on.. drink lots of water.. workout.. take an hour to rejuvenate and renew. We absolutely believe in these ingredients and know that after one use... you will too.