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Youth Rejuvenation Skin Lightening Scrub

We love our scrubs :) For many reasons... but the main reason is because they make you feel beatuful and give your skin life! 

Our all new scrub is something to smile about... read below to learn more about two ingredients included in it and what they will do for you!



Derived from Chick peas is often Used to lighten skin. It is also excellent for treating acne and oiliness by reducing excess sebum in your skin. Combined with our light Youth oil and Himalayan salt, this scrub is designed to help clear blemishes, scars and stretchmarks as well as lightening unwanted dark skin on elbows/knees/armpits etc. 

Sweet Almond Oil

Probably due in large part to its antioxidative properties, sweet almond oil is known for protecting skin against UV radiation damage and keeping skin soft and supple. A 2007 study by the Departments of Pharmaceutics at Hamdard University in India found it to both prevent initial UV damage and slow down the effects of UV damage after it happened.

Almond oil has a light texture and easily absorbs into skin. It can be used to gently dislodge debris from deep within skin pores and follicles. Paired with our scrub, this oil has incredible anti-aging and anti-microbial benefits. 

Often used for  dark circles , when you apply a few warm drops beneath your bottom eyelid before bed, you can expect to see brighter, less puffy eyes. Applied all over the face, almond oil can also delay general signs of aging as it renews the cells of your facial skin.


Just two of out five ingredients are listed above.. and they are already loaded with benefits.. imagine what the rest of the ingredients will do! - To continue reading about our scrub go to our home page and tap SCRUBS on the top left hand corner... feel free to ask us any questions and we will be happy to answer them! 

Have a lovely day 


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