Our Story - Hyaluxe Body
The ingredients in ALL of our products will ALWAYS be of the best quality. We spend months researching the finest ingredients in the world to solve the issues that you bring to us. We always strive for simple, top quality and above everything - 100% Natural. 
Our method for the Herbal Hour Glass Wrap Specifically incorporates the benefits of a toxin extracting bath by replenishing your body with Magnesium while our high quality proprietary tea blend pampers, and rejuvenates the life in your skin. 
  • Replenished magnesium levels
  • Improved skin elastcity
  • Delayed skin cell aging
  • Repaired skin cell damage
  • Natural Inch Loss
  • Improved digestion
  • Eliminated stubborn belly fat
  • Reduced appearance of scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduced bloating and increase metabolism
  • Reduced fatigue and muscle pain
  • Increase in natural energy levels
Why Magnesium Sulfate (Medical Grade Epsom Salt)
When I first started with this company I knew I wanted to create something that helped people in various ways. I had a full time business with international fitness marketing and always witnessed these fat burners, slimming teas, drinks, juices, shakes, fasts ANYTHING that would ultimately provide an instant result but with no greater benefit than a few quick inches or constipation relief (fancy pants laxatives). I thought 'I want these problems solved...' as a Mom those issues happened to be loose skin, fatigue, stretch marks and no time for myself... for any moms out there, does that sound familiar? So I thought I will create a spa product that is essentially portable! What ingredient do I think of when I think of relief? Epsom salt, little did I know the benefits would be SO incredible. I consulted with several doctors, nurses, massage therapists you name it and they were all advocates of this ingredient. Many recommend magnesium supplements but I wanted to take it a step further. I researched more and found that magnesium sulfate is most effectively absorbed through the skin. Well then I ran into the issue of time, I never have time to take a long hot bath nor am I one that loves to sit around... my mind never stops! Out of that came the portability of the Herbal Hour Glass, a large jar and a soft, double layered premium cotton wrap. PERFECT for travel and perfect for anyone who could just take an hour a day to warm it up and wear it around the house (or sleep in it!). Now the Epsom salt I found was medical grade, unprocessed of the finest quality so I had that down! NEXT! The skin.... not only does our tea blend provide you with the benefits of normal green tea (the metabolic boost and pampering treatment from the antioxidants) but I found that gunpowder green tea and a unique oolong tea blend combination help RESTORE skin damage AND help with blood pressure levels and energy. I never imagined that we would receive before/after images and countless testimonials but they just never stopped coming and so we have been able to expand and serve so many bodies! I thought if I can continue to be transparent with clients then they will continue to give us the feedback we need to improve and continue improving the quality of lives everywhere. Thank you for your time, thank you for checking us out and please give us the opportunity to serve you and your body. You deserve it!
I want to try it out!

  • Heat water in the microwave or over the stove.
  • Pour into Hour Glass jar until jar is full. Leave brew bag closed and contents inside the bag.
  • Put lid on; make sure to let the water sit for about 10 minutes, until the liquid in the jar is dark and fully permeates the wrap.
  • Remove the wrap from the jar and squeeze, straining the water back into the jar.
  • Unwind or cut string from wrap.
  • Wrap around your lower mid-section area (lower ribs and below) tightly. Don't wrap tight enough to where it is uncomfortable but you want it snug enough so that it won't slide.
  • *OPTIONAL: Cover with plastic kitchen wrap and tuck underneath the lower part of the wrap. This will keep your clothes dry and help retain your body heat and prevent the wrap from drying out.
  • After 1 hour (or more) remove wrap.
  • Rinse wrap with cold water in between each use to clean out what has been extracted in the process of being applied to the skin. After you remove the wrap, re-roll it and place it back into the jar with the water. DO NOT pour out water, you will use it next time!
  • Around use 4-5 you may need to refill with water. The brew bag concentration is enough for one or two refills if necessary.