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Magnesium Therapy Herbal Wraps For Women

Magnesium Herbal Therapy to tighten skin, increase energy, eliminate bloat, improve your metabolism, strengthen your immune system and improve the quality of your sleep.


Improves Your Metabolism

Boosts Immune Function

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What is HYALUXE?

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy combines the healing power of the skin with the abundantly nourishing properties of the most vital minerals in existence… 

Designed, prepared, and manufactured by women with love, purpose, and gratitude.

  • Draw out impurities from the body with its natural detoxification properties. 
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the skin with the power of Vitamin C which is important for the production of collagen.
  • Rich antiseptic and antioxidant ingredients help fight against bacteria and free radicals, improve blood circulation and reduce blemishes. 
  • The perfect mix of vital vitamins and minerals such as calcium, selenium, potassium, magnesium, and many more that helps your body break down fats so they cut fat storage by up to 50%.
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Really like this product!

I lost half an inch after first use. One inch after 2 days. Really like this product. - Nelda G.

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I love this product!

I love this product so much that I reordered. I lost a tremendous about of inches off my stomach. - Lori A.

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I already feel the difference!

I felt the difference after the second use. Very good product. - Victoria M.

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I feel amazing!

I have been using this product for three days now and I feel amazing. - Monique A.

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Benefits of Using HYALUXE

Harness the stunningly effective power of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy.

Tighten Skin

Improve skin texture and tone, prevent scarring and encourage skin regeneration with the powerful antioxidants found in Organic Rosehips. 

Increase Energy

Let the power of Magnesium play its role in organizing vital functions including muscle control, energy production, and the elimination of harmful toxins. 

Eliminate Bloat

Reduce bloating and aid digestion through the use of Lemon Peel which is rich in Vitamin C and acts as a neutralizer of free radicals.

Sleep Better

Get deeper, and more quality, restful sleep by maintaining healthy levels of Magnesium. 

Strengthen Immunity

Eliminate brain fog, fatigue, digestive issues, and weakened immunity with the power of Balm Mint (Lemon balm). 

Improve Metabolism

Give your metabolism a boost with the use of Dead Sea Salts which are essential for cell metabolism. 

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HYALUXE Ingredients

Unlike other products, we PROMISE that no matter what, your body will reap the benefits from our premium ingredients. 

Backed By Science

Unlock the power of Magnesium which has been rigorously researched for decades

By Women For Women

Our Magnesium Herbal Therapy was made for optimal performance specifically for women.

It takes women roughly 14 hours longer than men to digest their food…

Women are more likely to suffer from IBS…

Women have a longer colon than men - Requiring that it drop deep into the pelvis where the ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, and bladder are located creating a longer and more complex route for digestion, plus…

A woman’s abdominal wall is not as tight as a male’s due to hormonal differences causing organs to sit more loosely, therefore, increasing the likelihood of a “leaky gut.”

Our Magnesium Herbal Therapy addresses these issues with a product that tightens skin and improves digestion with natural ingredients just as Mother Nature intended.

5-20lbs of Waste

Depending on age, height, and weight many women carry between 5-20 lbs of waste build up in their intestines which can cause issues such as heartburn, excessive gas, damaged skin, constipation, IBS, allergies, and weight retention. In fact…

The National Institutes of Health reports that as many as 70 million Americans are suffering from these and other symptoms of poor digestive health.

Our ingredients are readily absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream providing improved digestion, increased energy, and tighter and more tone skin.

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Bundle & Save

Choose the perfect bundle package best suited for your needs and save big! 

Beginner Package

Belly Treatment

Retail Price: $99.95


First time? Then this package is a great starter kit for you to begin with.

  • Comes with 1 Herbal Magnesium wrap for your stomach...
  • Wrap that lasts for 15 days before the Magnesium is depleted...
  • Helps you tighten your skin, increase energy, eliminate bloating, and more...

Personal Package

Body Treatment

Legs | Core

Retail Price: $199.95


Want the best of both worlds? Grab the personal package to get great savings and treatment for your core + legs.

  • 3 Wraps and Brew Bag Pods that last for 45 days...
  • Booty Lift Guide which gives you 10 days’ worth of recipes, and workouts for a tighter, more tone bum...
  • 5 Day Tummy Tuck workout guide that focuses on your core and gives you healthy snack recipes you can eat throughout the day...

Unlimited Package

Full Body Treatment

Arms | Legs | Core

Retail Price: $399.95


The ultimate full-body treatment kit to heal your skin, keep you energized and eliminate bloating. 

  • 6 Wraps and Brew Bag Pods that last for 3 months...
  • FREE Renewal Serum which heals Scars and Stretchmarks appearances...
  • FREE Awaken Serum that helps rejuvenate your skin and make it glow...

100% Money Back Guarantee

Unlike other products we can PROMISE that no matter what, your body will reap the benefit from our Ingredients. We know and recognize that every single woman's body is different so even though you will benefit regardless we still stand behind our guarantee that you feel a difference even after your first or your money back. All we ask is that you send back the jar so we can recycle it and not only will we refund you if you are in any way unsatisfied but if you are satisfied (as 99%+ of Our clients are) then share your feedback and get a Free Gift.


Trusted By Hundreds of Women

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