Skin Transforming, Tummy Flattening, Digestion Improvement Complete Bundle (With 2 Instant Downloads)

You will receive the following in this complete body bundle

Awaken Serum

Renewal Serum

Tranquility Hair Serum

Clarity Face Toner

Intensity Face Wash

Wooden Body Brush

Deluxe Coffee Scrub

Illumineye Dark Circle Roll-On Serum

Sugar Lush Lip Exfoliant

Soothing Lip Balm


Ingredient List

  • Organic Guarana

  • Organic Lemon Balm

  • Organic Lemon Peel

  • Organic Ginger Root

  • Organic Gunpowder Green Tea

  • Organic Black Chinese Oolong Tea

  • Rosehip Leaf 

  • Dead Sea Salt

  • Magnesium Sulfate USP Grade


 ALSO Included in this bundle

Illumineye : Puffy Eye Serum

Clarity Face Toner

Awaken Serum

Renewal Serum

Lip Exfoliant

Lip Balm

Deluxe Coffee Scrub

Wooden Body Brush

Meals: This guide includes 30 full meals (with recipes) that are easy to prepare and DELICIOUS to eat, not to mention they are all nutritious. Snack list and daily workout schedule is also included.
Days 1-5 of the booty lift guide will focus on decreasing BMI levels, flushing your system of toxins and trimming extra flab with emphasis on building new muscle. The meals are designed around making you feel full but doing so through the quality of what you eat as opposed to quantity, allowing you to reduce your caloric intake thus dropping the extra fatty pounds. Days 6-10 the meals will increase slightly in calories from protein in order for the body to keep up with the exercise level and muscle build. This will be the phase in which you are adding more shape that beautiful booty of yours as well as continuing to teach your body how to eat clean. These exercises are simple but not easy! Throughout this 10 day guide you will also be working the rest of the muscles in your body such as your core, arms and back; however, You WILL feel that booty burning every single day more than any other area on your body. So go ahead, dive in and get focused- Ten days from now you will look back and be glad that you did this- Remember, if it gets tough just think about the results you will have and the new healthy habits you will have incorporated into your lifestyle. If your life can change over night- Imagine what 10 Days can do!   5 DAY TUMMY TUCK GUIDE 5 Days worth of EVERYTHING you need to target the stubborn fat around your mid-waist. Now they say you cannot target weight loss but you CAN target muscles that will kick that fat burning process into high gear! Included in the 5 day Tummy Tuck are short CORE-FOCUSED workouts, detailed images and descriptions of these moves. Also included, recipes for 5 small meals a day PLUS a list of snacks that will help keep your metabolism in full gear. Each day YOU choose your meals and yes desserts are included! These recipes are designed to keep you full while fueling your body but decreasing your caloric intake. The ONLY thing missing is you! NO fat burners, NO gimmicks- Try it and see the changes in just 24-48 hours.

*NOTE: This is not a weight loss wrap. Yes results show inch loss but this is NOT due to just water depletion in the body. We recommend you drink plenty of water as the magnesium sulfate flushes water into the intestines to rid the body of processed build up. The tea combinations have been clinically proven to improve heart health and stimulate the breakdown of fat cells as well as improve many skin conditions and digestion.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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