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Skin and Hair Deep Healing and Repair Exclusive Bundle

Cleanse, repair and nourish your skin and hair with this exclusive bundle. Read all of our ingredients below. For each and every item seen above. 

FIRST: Infuse your skin with a detoxifying, relaxing, cooling lightly foamy wash. Clear away pollutants from the skin and environmental substances that cause skin damage and rapid aging. Simply apply a small amount to your hands, apply with a bit of water and feel the rush of cool cleanliness - leaving your skin feeling soft to the touch and glowing to the eye.  


Activated CharcoalDraws bacteria, dirt, and pollutants from the skin helping to deeply detoxify & clarify. It works by trapping toxins and chemicals in its million tiny pores.  

Activated charcoal works through the chemical process of adsorption in the body. We must not confuse this with absorption - whichis the reaction of elements, including nutrients, chemicals and toxins, soaked up and assimilated into the bloodstream. Adsorption on the other hand is the chemical reaction where elements bind to a surface.

The porous surface of activated charcoal has a negative electric charge that causes positive-charged toxins and gas to bond with it. These systems in the body enhance toxin elimination inside the body are the result of a heating process, which is what allows the charcoal’s “activation.”


Hawaiian Lava Salt: Rich in skin benefiting minerals. Improves circulation, hydrates deeply, aids in healing small cuts and blemishes. It is black in color due to containing large amounts of activated charcoal derived from local coconuts. It is a gentle exfoliant and through reverse osmosis is able to pull harmful chemicals and pollutants from the skin gently. 


Chamomile, Roman:

Used for centuries to treat gut disruption, skin damage and psychological unrest, roman chamomile is revered as one of the most luxurious essential oils available. Roman chamomile relieves many skin irritations because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is often used to treat eczema, wounds, ulcers, gout, skin irritations, bruises, burns, and even cracked nipples, chicken pox, ear and eye infections, poison ivy, and diaper rash. It is powerful yet simultaneously gentle and healing. 


Peppermint Essential Oil: 

Peppermint oil has been used for centuries to treat conditions related to skin dryness and itchiness. Peppermint oil is soothing, cooling and invigorating. It has also shown significant promise when used as a sun protectant. 



INGREDIENTS: Saponified Coconut Oil*, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vegetable Glycerine*, Guar Gum*, Activated Charcoal, Hawaiian Lava Salt, Citric Acid, Peppermint Essential Oil, Non-GMO Vitamin E



SECOND Nourish and rejuvenate your skin with an invigorating blend of 4 fruit,  seed and tree oils rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients. As a result, your skin will glow and your mind will feel refreshed as two of the three oils have been clinically proven to improve anxiety and depressive symptoms as well as protect and heal from sun damage and cancerous cells. 

3 Exotic Ingredients and the absolute best quality of each

FRANKINCENSE - Certified Organic

POMEGRANATE OIL - Certified Organic 

BORAGE SEED OIL - Certified Organic 


Size (1oz)


  • Botanical Name: Boswellia rivae
  • Parts Used: Oleo resin
  • Cultivation Method: Certified Organic

Frankincense oil is believed to transmit messages to the limbic system of the brain, which is known to influence the nervous system. A little bit of oil goes a long way.

When inhaled, frankincense oil been shown to reduce heart rate and high blood pressure. It has anti-anxiety and depression-reducing abilities, but unlike prescription medications, it does not have negative side effects or cause unwanted drowsiness.

Studies have demonstrated that frankincense has immune-enhancing abilities that may help destroy dangerous bacteria, viruses and even cancers. 

Several research groups have found that frankincense has promising anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects when tested in lab studies 

A study even found that a chemical compound found in frankincense called AKBA is successful at killing cancer cells that have become resistant to chemotherapy.

Frankincense is an antiseptic and disinfectant agent that has antimicrobial effects. It has the ability to eliminate cold and flu germs from the home and the body naturally, 

Frankincense has the ability to strengthen skin and improve its tone, elasticity, defense mechanisms against bacteria or blemishes, and appearance as someone ages. It may help tone and lift skin, reduce the appearance of scars and acne, and heals wounds. It may also be beneficial for fading of stretch marks, surgery scars or marks associated with pregnancy, and for healing dry or cracked skin.

Research suggests that frankincense oil can be used to improve memory and learning functions. And some animal studies even show that using frankincense during pregnancy may increase the memory of a mother’s offspring.

Frankincense oil may reduce symptoms associated with menstruation and menopause by balancing hormone levels, 

Frankincense essential oil is useful in lowering levels of anxiety or chronic stress that can keep you up at night. It has a calming, grounding scent that can naturally help you to fall asleep. This natural sleep aid helps open breathing passages, allows your body to reach an ideal sleeping temperature and can eliminate pain that keeps you up.

Frankincense can inhibit the production of key inflammatory molecules associated with conditions like arthritis, asthma, painful bowel disorders like IBS and many more conditions. (15) It can be useful in helping prevent the breakdown of the cartilage tissue and has been shown to significantly reduce levels of dangerous and painful inflammation, making it a natural treatment option for pain-related conditions that affect the muscles, joints and tendons.

Borage seed oil 

  • Botanical Name: Borago officinalis
  • Method of Extraction: cold pressed / unrefined
  • Cultivation Method: Certified Organic

Contains one of the highest levels of GLA making it a must have to soothe dry skin and sensitive skin, as well as for any inflammatory skin conditions. It is highly effective in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and scars where it offers regenerative, and firming, properties helping to restore hydration and elasticity. 

Borage seed oil has the highest known amount of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) of all seed oils, at 20-23% concentration. GLA is an omega-6 fatty acid and the body converts gamma linolenic acid to substances that reduce inflammation and cell growth.


• Reduces inflammation in the skin

This is what borage oil is most known for! Because it’s so high in linoleic acid, borage is incredibly good at healing inflammation from acne, pimples, eczema and rosacea.

• Skin protection

Borage oil soaks into your skin and acts like your own natural oils, sealing in hydration. It forms a very lightweight, but protective barrier, that protects your skin from damage, from irritations and flare-ups.

• Sensitive Skin

If you are susceptible to redness, inflammation or even rosacea – borage oil helps to keep your skin soothed and calm. It also protects against flare ups of eczema.

• Acne Prone Skin

This oils is amazing for oily prone skin and especially acne prone skin. It’s lightweight, and non-greasy, but what’s amazing is that it’s so high in GLA’s that it actually rebalance the skin and helps to eliminate acne.


Pomegranate Oil

  • Botanical Name: Punica granatum
  • Origin: Israel
  • Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed / Unrefined
  • Cultivation Method: Certified Organic

Pomegranates are associated with anti-aging, and the most powerful form of pomegranate for anti-aging is its oil. Pomegranate oil’s bioflavonoids and fatty acids make it excellent at protecting the skin from sun damage. In fact, in vitro research even demonstrates that pomegranate oil has a natural SPF of eight, making it a great natural sunscreen ingredient.

According to research, pomegranate seed oil appears to be a “safe and effective chemo preventive agent against skin cancer.

Pomegranate seed oil stimulates keratinocyte proliferation. These are cells found in the outer layer of your skin help rejuvenate your skin and reverse skin damage.

Because pomegranate seed oil penetrates so deeply and effectively it doesn’t make the skin greasy and clog pores. It goes to where you need hydration most.

Pomegranate seed oil also contains an essential fatty acid we now know as punicic acid. It’s also called omega 5 and it has been found to reduce inflammation, fend off free radicals and show cancer-fighting abilities. It has been shown to help thicken your skin and improve elasticity making it useful for scarring and stretchmarks as well as premature aging.

Pomegranate seed oil also contains a form of pro-estrogen, which is compatible with your natural hormones, and its hormone supporting and balancing effect has an amazing effect on skin texture since hormones play such a role in the aging process.



NEW - Wildcrafted Rosehip Seed Oil

  • Cold Pressed, unrefined
  • Rich in Vitamin A and essential fatty acids
  • Helps in reducing the appearance of cellulite as well as helps to prevent scars and stretchmarks
  • Vitamin C antioxidants stimulate collagen production
  • This oil can penetrate deeply due to the vitamin A, which has small enough molecules to go deeper into the skin to intensely moisturize several layers of the skin helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite as well.



THIRD Nourish and rejuvenate your skin with an invigorating blend of 3 fruit,  nut and tree oils rich in omega fatty acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, antioxidants and natural skin nutrients. Clinically shown to reduce scarring and boost collagen production, ingredients in this combination of 3 wild-harvested oils will have a drastic impact on the health of your skin.

How to use

Add a couple of drops into your hand and apply the oil to desired Area. You can also apply the oil more than once throughout the day, massaging gently for about 15 seconds.  The following are benefits you will see as a result of the continuous use of the Renewal Serum. 

  • Helps heal and reduce the of appearance for scars, stretch marks and wrinkles
  • Cleans pores and tightens skin
  • Reduces redness and blotchiness in the skin
  • Anti-inflammatory properties help get rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema.
  • Soften Skin, deeply moisturizing and improving overall complexion of area where applied

Rosehip Oil

  • Cold Pressed, unrefined
  • Rich in Vitamin A and essential fatty acids
  • Helps in reducing the appearance of cellulite as well as helps to prevent scars and stretchmarks
  • Vitamin C antioxidants stimulate collagen production
  • This oil can penetrate deeply due to the vitamin A, which has small enough molecules to go deeper into the skin to intensely moisturize several layers of the skin helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite as well.

Fractionated Coconut Oil

  • Reduces visibility of wrinkles and saggy skin– helps to prevent degenerative diseases associated with premature aging due to the high number of antioxidants
  • Helps to treat psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin irritations
  • Deeply Moisturizes and provides for improved skin elasticity

Marula Oil

  • Virgin, Cold Pressed, Unrefined
  • Contains high levels of important antioxidants including Vitamin C, tocopherol (vitamin E), tochotrienol, phenolic compounds, essential amino acids and flavonoids that aid in cell renewal and damage resistance from environmental substances
  • Rich in essential fatty acids: To deeply hydrate and reduce redness and damaged skin
  • Protects against photo-aging - neutralizing free radicals
  • Helps build healthy collagen, and provides antioxidant protection for younger looking skin and prevents premature skin aging.
  • Helps reduce transepidermal water loss and increases the smoothness of skin. 





FOURTH: Designed to deeply rejuvenate the life in your hair. Our oils are superior in quality,  every bottle is prepared to order, kept in a cool dark room to preserve quality. Apply a dime sized amount to scalp or ends while hair is damp. You can do this daily to promote hair growth, strength and shine.



Wildcrafted unrefined Pure Tea Tree Oil, Fractionated Wildcrafted Coconut Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Wildcrafted Baobab Oil, Organic 100% pure unrefined and cold pressed Argan oil

Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree’s primary active ingredients include terpene hydrocarbons,  monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes. It is these compounds that give tea tree its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity. There are actually over 100 different chemical components of tea tree oil — terpinen-4-ol and alpha-terpineol are the most active — and various ranges of concentrations. The volatile hydrocarbons found in the oil are considered aromatic and capable of traveling through air, pores of the skin and mucus membranes. That’s why tea tree oil is commonly used aromatically and topically to kill germs, fight infections and soothe skin conditions
Research suggests that tea tree oil is able to improve symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis, which is a common skin condition that causes scaly patches on the scalp and dandruff.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, and it has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. When used on hair, coconut oil is able to:
Improve hair dryness and scalp health. 
It can also protect hair from protein loss. This coconut oil benefit is due to the oil’s lauric acid content, which has a high affinity for hair proteins, but a low molecular weight, allowing the oil to penetrate inside the hair shaft, according to researchers. It is known to protect hair from UV exposure and fight infections and fungus.

Castor Oil
Because it can improve blood circulation to your follicles, it may help to speed up hair growth so not only can you apply it to hair on your head, but also to your eyebrows and eyelashes.

Baobab Oil
Baobab is known for its moisturizing qualities, and it contains vitamins A, D, E, and F. These vitamins are not only moisturizing, but can also help rejuvenate damaged skin cells. In addition, baobab oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is known to easily absorb into skin and hair without leaving the greasy residue. The Baobab tree is native to Africa, and a single tree can live for over 500 years. It is rich in antioxidants but it also in vitamin C, which is known to boost collagen production.

One of the main reasons for weakening the hair is micro bacterial growth on the surface of the scalp. Sometimes this appears in dry patches on the scalp or small skin discoloration.
The antimicrobial quality of Lavender oil cannot be substituted with shampoos/conditioners or other hair products because they cannot kill the bacteria, nor can poor quality lavender oils. Quality matters!

Argan Oil
In Morocco the nut has been pressed for generations in order for precious argan oil benefits as a dietary supplement; for wound treatment and rash relief; and to nourish skin and hair. These slow-growing trees are so revered that in 1998 the argan forest was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Argan oil is a rare oil that is high in both oleic (omega 9 monounsaturated nonessential) and linoleic (omeg 6 unsaturated) fatty acids, both of which aid acne-prone skin (which is usually deficient in linoleic acid in the sebum). Depending on its sourcing, argan oil contains about 35–40 percent linoleic acid and 42–48 percent oleic acid. While linoleic acid will reduce inflammation and acne and increase skin moisturization levels, oleic acid can improve the skin’s permeability and assist other ingredients penetrate the skin more easily. Our argan oil is sourced directly from Morocco, is 100% pure, cold pressed and unrefined. Many argan oils today are cut and diluted with carrier oils without even having to claim it in the ingredients.