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Wrap Therapy

Here you will find a variety of our wrap therapy bundles. All bundles include our original magnesium therapy wrap which includes our proprietary tea blend as well as medical grade magnesium sulfates. Below you will find descriptions for each bundle. 

All of these wrap bundles include essential oils that target both internal and external issues ranging from poor digestion, to psychological fluctuations and arthritic pain.


90 Uses Full Body with Luxe Renewal Oil $153.95 $361.00 $153.95 $361.00
15 Uses Magnesium Therapy Herbal Wrap $69.00 $99.00 $69.00 $99.00
Awaken and Restore Intensive skin Repair $99.00 $123.00 $99.00 $123.00
12 Month Complete Treatment Magnesium Therapy with Luxe Renewal Oil and Coffee Scrub $299.95 $725.95 $299.95 $725.95
YOUTH - Rejuvenate and Repair Topical Spray $74.00 $74.00
45 Uses Herbal Magnesium Therapy Wrap: Legs/Core $99.95 $148.00 $99.95 $148.00