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By Women. For Women.
For You.

Ease bloat, eliminate constipation, improve skin elasticity and energy. 
Feel better after a single use. That's the power of nature.

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Trusted By Thousands of Women Worldwide

Magnesium Wraps

Feel a difference after your first use!

Eliminate Constipation & Bloating

Increase Energy and tighten skin

Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep

Improve Your Metabolism

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Real Women : Real Change.

Really like this product!

I lost half an inch after first use. One inch after 2 days. Really like this product. - Nelda G.

  • Verified Purchase

I love this product!

I love this product so much that I reordered. I lost a tremendous about of inches off my stomach. - Lori A.

  • Verified Purchase

I already feel the difference!

I felt the difference after the second use. Very good product. - Victoria M.

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I feel amazing!

I have been using this product for three days now and I feel amazing. - Monique A.

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Ingredients in our Magnesium Therapy Wrap

Unlike other products, we PROMISE that no matter what, your body will reap the benefits from our premium ingredients. 

Bundle & Save

Belly Treatment

Retail Price: $99.95


First time? Then this package is a great starter kit for you to begin with.

  • Comes with 1 Herbal Magnesium wrap for your stomach...
  • Wrap that lasts for 15 days before the Magnesium is depleted...
  • Helps you tighten your skin, increase energy, eliminate bloating, and more...

Body Treatment

Legs | Core

Retail Price: $199.95


Want the best of both worlds? Grab the personal package to get great savings and treatment for your core + legs.

  • Yields up to 45 Uses to use 15 uses per month or for a consecutive 45 days 
  • Three body wraps and three Topical Magnesium Brew Pods
  • Most commonly purchased by those looking to use on arms/core/legs 

Full Body Treatment

Arms | Legs | Core

Retail Price: $399.95


The ultimate full-body treatment bundle to heal your skin, keep you energized and eliminate bloating. 

  • 6 Wraps and Brew Bag Pods that last for 3 months...
  • FREE Renewal Serum which heals Scars and Stretchmarks appearances...
  • FREE Awaken Serum that helps rejuvenate your skin and make it glow...

Shop Collections

Awaken and nourish your skin and boost your energy with our luxurious best sellers

Magnesium Wraps

Magnesium Therapy for Bloat, Constipation, Loose Skin, Low Energy.

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Mask & Scrubs

Awaken & Nourish Your Skin With Luxurious Skin-Soothing Masks & Scrubs.

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Serum & Soaps

Nourish and rejuvenate your skin. Clinically shown to reduce scarring and boost collagen production

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