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5-20lbs of Waste in your Body 
Depending on your height, age and weight many women carry between 5 to 20 lbs of waste build up in their intestines and overtime this causes issues such as heartburn, excessive gas, damaged skin, constipation, IBS, allergies and weight retention.

 The National Institutes of Health reports that as many as 70 million Americans are suffering with these and other symptoms of poor digestive health

Our ingredients are readily absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream.
Why Women 
It takes women on average 14 hours longer than men to digest food. 

Women are more likely to suffer from IBS.

 Women have a longer colon than men - requiring that it drop deep into the pelvis where the ovaries, uterus, Fallopian tubes and bladder are also located making it a longer and more complicated route for digestive processes. 

A woman's abdominal wall is not as tight as a male's due to hormonal differences causing organs to sit more loosely therefore increasing the likelihood of a 'leaky gut'. 

Ingredients in Every Topical Herbal Magnesium Therapy Brew Bag

Magnesium regulates over 300 enzymes in the body and plays an important role in organizing vital functions including muscle control, energy production, electrical impulses and elimination of harmful toxins. Magnesium sulfate decreases inflammation and draws out impurities from the body. Due to its natural detoxification properties, the body will absorb what it needs from the wrap treatment each time and dispose of any excess.


  1. The vitamin C in rose hip seeds is nearly 60 times than that of an orange. Vitamin C is known to stimulate the production of collagen and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Contains vitamin A that improves the moisture content of the skin. Combats the UV damage by the sun. The antioxidants in the fruit improve skin texture and tone, and help treat pigmentation. The essential fatty acids in rose hips also prevent scarring and encourage skin regeneration.

Treats digestive disorders and inflammatory conditions. The antiseptic and antioxidant ingredients in ginger help fight against the bacteria and free radicals, improve blood circulation and reduce blemishes. Increase collagen production and reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation. High content of magnesium and Vitamin C.

According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, oolong tea contains trace amounts of vital vitamins and minerals such as calcium, manganese, copper, carotin, selenium, potassium, and magnesium. Blocks the release of the enzymes that break down fats so they can be stored. Instead, the fats pass through you, undigested. As you absorb less dietary fat, the body burns its supply of stored fat for energy. Researchers have found that oolong tea can cut fat storage by up to 50%

Gunpowder green tea is rolled into pellets preserving the quality of the tea leaves. It is packed with polyphenols and antioxidants that assist in defending your body against viruses and other inflammatory illnesses. It contains a special antioxidant known as epigallocatechin gallate or EGG. Science has shown this antioxidant helps to fight skin aging and stimulate new skin cell production; therefore reducing the appearance of stretchmarks and scars.


Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C and various antimicrobial properties making it an excellent immune booster and natural skin treatment. The vitamin C in lemons is known for being a free radical neutralizer and enhancing collagen production. Helps to reduce bloating and aiding in digestive processes.

Contain 21 minerals that naturally occur in our bodies but must be replenished, as they are lost throughout the day. Promotes quick healing of skin tissue and provides the skin’s surface with anti-allergic elements. Essential for cell metabolism. The potassium in sea salt helps balance moisture in the skin and body, aiding in the reduction of water retention and in the nourishment of cells.

(Lemon balm) Shown to lower high triglycerides and improving cholesterol synthesis in the liver. High antibacterial resistance against candida which is a common yeast infection that causes symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, digestive issues and a weakened immunity. Shown to reduce pain from PMS Symptoms as well as endometriosis. Rich in polyphenols which give it very strong antiviral properties and can help recover from viral infections like the cold, flu or even shingles.

Guarana is a natural reservoir of caffeine (not the jittery kind!) The seeds have potent antioxidant and antimicrobial properties and is often used to treat cellulitis and aging skin. It has been found to control the expression of genes that are involved in fat accumulation. Contains catechin, which helps reduce oxidative stress that can contribute to the development of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Guarana also has antimicrobial properties, which can help act as a natural antibiotic.

Approved by the FDA, senna is one of the very few natural leaves that is recommended over the counter to relieve constipation and to help with hemorrhoids caused by chronic constipation. Since we use a wrap, your body will be absorbing it into the bloodstream therefore you get the gentle effects of aiding in digestions but not the harsh effects of a laxative.

Our wrap is double layered, hypoallergenic organic cotton and locally knitted in the U.S. The wrap creates tissue saturation which allows ingredients to travel through the tissues and cells at a high dose without losses through the gastrointestinal tract. Ingredients pass directly into the tissue through the skin where it is quickly transported to cells throughout the body.

I love the wrap, I could definitely feel a change in my digestion and overall energy levels in the days I wrapped. Thank you so much! I have already recommended your product.
This company has brought my world back to life. I was devastated the day after I gave birth on how big my belly still was(10 pound baby and c-section mama). I religiously used the magnesium wrap and the renewal/awaken oil daily as any excersize would make my scar hurt the first 6 weeks. And little did I know, paired with a daily workout I have my abs back! This picture Is exactly 6 months apart and I am so thankful to you. This will be in my hospital bag with all my babies!
I suffer from endometriosis and endo belly, aka large amounts of abdominal cramping and bloating. I’ve been using the wraps for the past 5 days and have seen a huge improvement in my endo belly. I will definitely continue to use these wraps and recommend to all my friends!
Ladies... this is amazing. I am always skeptical about spending my hard earned money on miracle weight loss and “healthy” treatments. But I must say this is The Best product I have purchased in a very long time! By day 4 I could see a difference and by day 7 I was wearing a size down. This is a must buy. I am a customer for life!! The only side effects are that I have felt so much better and truly have more energy. I’m excited to share this with friends and family.
I have suffered from IBS for over 20 years and have tried everything going to try and soothe it, I was terribly bloated and in constant pain, I also have terrible skin, lots of spots. After using this product the bloat has gone and so has my acne, not only does my stomach feel a lot better you can see by my photos it also looks a lot better, I would recommend this to anyone suffering with IBS or bad skin, thank you very much!
I needed to lose a quick 19lbs for a photo shoot in a little over a month I'm already down 9lbs. I used the wrap for a quick head start and I really do think it helped. I'll buy from this company again!
 I wanted to share my success story. I had a baby girl 5 months ago and I have been struggling with bloat. Not only have I been way less bloated since my first Hyaluxe wrap but I have been feeling so much leaner, energetic, clean and so much better about myself. Even the smell of the wrap is relaxing. The best part, this is only Day 3!!! I love it!!
I started having a lot of stomach issues in 2017 i did not know what to do anymore, i came across this product on Instagram and said why not give it a try! i was lazy at first to do it and the first time i tried it i was extremely glad i did all the toxins started to come out of my stomach and i saw immediate results.  i had my period and for the first time of my life i was not bloated and did not have any cramps! i am going to try this product again i highly recommend it to everyone! thank you so much!!!!!!
Day 1: before Day 5: in progress At first I was a little skeptical and researched your company, your products and the reviews. I decided to give the 90-day wrap bundle a shot since you offer a 100% money back guarantee. What I’ve found is wonderful so far. The inflammation I’ve been dealing with for the last year or so is diminished and I feel “cleaner”... like I’ve done a mini detox (though I’m not finished yet). My daughter says there is a noticeable difference and I like the way I’m feeling. Change may come slowly, but it IS coming. Mahalo (thank you), hyaluxe. 

Why Transdermal Magnesium

Transdermal Magnesium therapy is a uniquely powerful tool that combines the healing power of the body's largest organ (skin) with the abundantly nourishing properties of one of our most vital minerals.

The deficiency of magnesium is so widespread that at least 3 out 4 adults in industrialized nations have cause to actively increase their intake.

As women we know our bodies are different - So we are here to cater to those needs in an honest, natural way. See How Your Body Will Benefit

Tighten Loose Skin

Our proprietary tea and herb blend when absorbed through the skin specifically helps to tighten and heal loose and damaged skin.
Ingredients such as organic ginger root and lemon
     increase collagen production and reduce the appearance of
The vitamin C content in rosehip seeds is nearly 60x
     that of an orange. In addition to the herbs we use, our dead sea salts
     contain over 21 vitamins and minerals that specifically replenish the body
     inside and out.

Eliminate Chronic bloating (inflammation) and improve metabolism
We use several ingredients that have been found to control the expression of genes that are involved in fat
     accumulation and that are clinically shown to stimulate
     the fat burning process.
Oolong tea for example has been shown to block the release of the
     enzymes that break down fats so they can be stored. Instead, the fats pass
     through you, undigested.
Researchers have found that oolong tea
     can cut fat storage by up to 50%.

Transdermal Magnesium Absorption

Magnesium regulates over 300 enzymes in the body and
     plays an important role in organizing vital functions including muscle
     control, energy production, electrical impulses and elimination of harmful
 Magnesium sulfate decreases inflammation and draws out
     impurities from the body. It can help improve sleep and ease PMS symptoms.
It is a crucial factor in the natural process of self-cleaning and detoxification within the body.
Improve Immunity

 Our ingredients are packed with Vitamin C and other
     essential antioxidants,  vitamins and minerals. 70-80% of the body's
     immune cells are found in the gut. Vitamin C is an electron donor. 
It can donate electrons directly and function as an
     antioxidant which allows it to neutralize harmful free radicals.
Humans have lost the natural ability to make Vitamin C
     because of a mutation in the gene that codes for the enzyme GLO. This
     mutation stops us from completing the vitamin C synthesis making it vital
     to obtain from outside sources.
It contributes to immune defense by supporting various
     cellular functions of both the innate and adaptive immune system. 

Unlike other products we can PROMISE that no matter what, your body will reap the benefit from our Ingredients. We know and recognize that every single womans body is different so even though you will benefit regardless we still stand behind our guarantee that you feel a difference even after your first or your money back. All we ask is that you send back the jar so we can recycle it and not only will we refund you if you are in any way unsatisfied but if you are satisfied (as 99%+ of Our clients are) then share your feedback and get a Free Gift.